What can we help you with?

In order to be able to work under great pressure and in the most bizarre and unpredictable circumstances, we as commandos have been trained for years on principles such as ownership, adaptability, commitment, cooperation based on trust and focus. Principles that are essential for the success of a complex mission, but that also make the difference when you want to deliver patient-oriented care, work on customer-oriented innovations or you want to be at the forefront of the digitization of your industry.

Whatever your challenge and regardless of your starting point and organizational structure, we have the knowledge and experience to help you make more impact. As a person, as a team and as an organization.

Self-managing work

Do you want to be able to switch gears more quickly as a team or organization, to excel based on the talents and skills of your colleagues instead of managing on tight frameworks and deadlines? Then we would like to take you along in our working method. Because as commandos we have been working for more than 70 years in small, autonomous and self-managing teams.

Better team dynamics

Do you want to get the best out of your team, or do you want to ensure that your team members enjoy working (together)? Then we are happy to help you optimize your team dynamics. Because a well-functioning team can make the difference between success or failure. We know this better than anyone, and we are happy to show you how we approach it.


Do you want to increase the resilience of your team? Then we are happy to help you with themes such as stress reduction, mindfulness and mental resilience. Because no matter how well you prepare your work, major interests or an unexpected turn of events can always lead to unrest. We show you how to deal with the physical and mental response to stress.

Collaborate smarter

Do you want to achieve more with your team? Then smarter collaboration is the best pillar to focus on. From our background, we are strongly committed to reducing inefficiency; clarifying roles and goals and increasing ownership among team members. In this way, even small teams can achieve big results.