Decisive by connection

We help organizations to make an impact. With our simple and effective working principles, we ensure peace of mind, focus and confidence. With Threefront you get more out of your team.

Make more impact in less time

We show you and experience how you can structurally make more impact by translating the most important principles of our special forces approach to your organization and your challenges.

By working smarter together based on simplicity, trust and adaptability, you enable yourself and your team to achieve much more with much less effort.

This way you get the best out of your team

We help you work from a common goal. This ensures focus within the team and helps speed up choices.

We expose the bottlenecks in your team and make the team dynamics visible. This creates insight and trust in each other’s abilities. 

We drastically reduce your overhead by working with clear roles and increasing ownership within the team.

We teach you to give and receive feedback. This way you keep yourself on track as a team, and you increase the potential of all members and the group as a whole.

Never look at challenges or problems the same again

Why a training at Threefront?

We offer you a unique perspective on working. We take you into the world of special forces and show you and experience how we can successfully apply our most important principles in your own work.

We inspire and really take you out of your daily context during the practical assignments. In this way, both individual behavior and group dynamics quickly become visible. As commandos, we have been trained for years to recognize disruptive behavior and act accordingly.
We do this with honest and clear feedback. Friendly and personable. Because that makes you better.

Openness and accessibility are central to our collaboration, so that we can work with you and your team with confidence.