As a team you perform better when you know, understand and trust each other. By performing challenging assignments as a group, you get to know each other’s strengths and limits. Moreover, a feeling of togetherness is created, because you really depend on each other.

During this training we use different exercises. That can be both a physical or mental challenge. The assignments are goal-oriented and effective, but also fun. You can also really laugh in between. Because that is not only important for the discharge, but also ensures mutual connection.

After each exercise we provide feedback on an individual and group level, and at the end of the day we evaluate together what you have and experience, and how you can use this in your daily work.

Why team building at Threefront?

We offer you a unique perspective on working together, based on our background as special forces. We take you into our world with unique stories and inspiring examples, and really take you out of your comfort zone during the practical assignments.

"Frenk van Assen and Richard Bergmans provided an inspiring and activating team afternoon for us! In a beautiful place in the woods, our team started working on themes such as 'clear communication', 'empowerment and responsibility of teams', 'goal orientation' and 'reflection' Themes that perhaps get a place in almost every team training, but the way ThreeFront provides insight into this, combined with impressive anecdotes and playful way in which theory is put into practice, makes it real Definitely recommended!"

"We had the selection procedure for a vacancy of ours taken care of by ThreeFront by means of an introductory day. It resulted in many positive reactions from candidates and more importantly for us; 2 good employees. I can wholeheartedly recommend them; their thorough preparation and to-the-point -point reports are of a high level and have enriched our process.”

Want to know more?

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