Self-managing work


From the desire to become more agile as an organization and to be able to respond better to major changes, more and more teams are looking at forms of self-management. Sometimes by working agile, others by setting up self-organizing teams and some companies are moving towards holocracy.

Whatever form of self-management you adopt and regardless of the extent to which your organization implements this principle, there are a number of elements that are crucial for success. As commandos, we have been working as small self-managing teams since the Second World War. Autonomous, with clear roles and a clear common goal.

Start with self-steering

It is no coincidence that self-management plays a major role in our book Green On™. But beware: you cannot compare us to the agile coaches and lean trainers you may have encountered before. We work with a number of clear principles and emphasize practical tips and use cases, so that we can work together. After all, self-management is about doing, not about talking. Curious about how we approach self-management and what we can do for you? Then please contact us.