Implementation method

Structurally more successful

Our ultimate goal is to help you as a team or organization to work more efficiently and with more fun. We believe that for long-term success and real impact, you as an organization must let these two elements go hand in hand. Focusing solely on efficiency often deprives employees of long-term enjoyment and commitment; at the same time, focus and clear agreements are needed to achieve goals.


The 4-day work week

From our background at the KCT (Korps Commando Troepen) we have a unique vision of successful cooperation. We are happy to translate this vision to your situation, so that you too can achieve much more in less time, and with much more satisfaction and job satisfaction.

There are already several organizations that, by successfully implementing our method, can have their teams work 4 days while retaining a salary based on a 5-day working week. That means a big boost in efficiency, but also a valuable promise to employees: more free time for hobbies, family and relaxation. That only makes your employer position stronger in a tight labor market.

Learn to work differently

Do you also want to significantly increase the impact of your organization; strengthen trust between employees and improve your cooperation? This is possible with our working method.

We offer you a pragmatic, instructive and fun learning process in which we mainly work together. The core elements of our successful formula are as follows:

Based on our experiences and the successful
management book GreenOn we discuss concrete tools, handles and tips;
Together with you and your team, we translate our working method to your situation, challenge and the solution to work better and more pleasantly together;
We make tailor-made training courses and workshops where you get to work yourself and experience what it is like to work differently;
We regularly discuss progress together, evaluate exercises and provide both individual participants and the group with clear feedback;
Trust, openness and honesty are central to our cooperation. We are convinced that if you want to get the best out of yourself and each other, you must be approachable and positively critical.