If you want to start with a number of specific GreenOns™ or if you have a concrete challenge that we can help your team or organization with, we would be happy to tailor a one or two-day training. During the training we work from a clear goal, in which we continuously establish the link between the business community and the working method of special forces. We alternate theory with practical exercises and we reflect on both individual and group level. Training can be provided at almost all locations: at your office, an outdoor location or at our unique training location in Didam.
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Why team training by Threefront?

During our training we really take you out of your daily context and your comfort zone. In this way, both individual behavior and group dynamics quickly become visible.

As commandos, we have been trained for years to recognize disruptive behavior and act accordingly. We do this with honest and clear feedback. Friendly and personable. Because that makes you better.

"What a fantastic day we have had! Under the guidance of ThreeFront B.V. we spent our DevFriday in Didam. Airsoft location Blackout: Team building, core values and really working on individual sacrifice to achieve the team interest and objectives. Aggressive under time pressure and stress act quickly and result-oriented"

"Being successful as a team is about setting the right priorities, creating clear roles and trusting each other. In a workshop supervised by Threefront, we took a critical look at our points for improvement based on their fascinating examples from GreenOn practice. This has led to a number of practical outcomes, such as working with minimally viable teams, check-ins and stand-ups. Our collaboration has definitely been simplified and strengthened!"

Want to know more?

Curious about what we can do for your team or organization? Contact us and we will quickly schedule an introduction and we will be happy to talk to you further.