Deal with stress

Stress. We all know it. And while the context can vary widely, stress has the same effect on our bodies and minds for all of us. So whether you are on a secret mission in a distant land; you have to give an important presentation or you have to meet a tight deadline, we experience the same thing.

Stress is useful because it temporarily increases our state of alertness. But long-term stress is also particularly bad for you. That’s why it’s so important to be able to regulate your stress. That starts with a better understanding of what really matters and what doesn’t: is it worth the stress? But in addition, you can train physical and mental response to stress.

How can we help?

That’s pretty simple. Because our training and experience is largely about how to perform optimally in stressful situations. What behavior emerges? How do you signal your physical reaction and how do you keep it in check? Will you eventually manage to keep a cool head – for the benefit of your behavior, but also your mental health?

As Threefront, we regularly train teams on mental resilience and stress reduction. From preventive measures to interventions in the heat of battle: we give you the insights and tools to increase your resilience.