About us

Commandos with a mission

Threefront is a unique training agency, run by Frenk van Assen and Richard Bergmans. Both have years of experience in defense and many missions in the most specialized unit: the commandos. Threefront helps teams and organizations to work more efficiently and more fun. Those two elements must go hand-in-hand in order to achieve structural success. Because focusing solely on efficiency often deprives you of the fun and involvement of employees. At the same time, focus and clear agreements are necessary to speed up and achieve your goals. From their background at the KCT (Korps Commando Troepen), the coaches and trainers of Threefront have a unique vision of successful cooperation. This vision is also useful for the business community, as has been proven. Green On™, published last year, is a popular management book and Threefront has a nice portfolio of clients, some of whom have fully integrated the Green On™ ; working method, with the ultimate result being a 4-day working week while maintaining results and increased job satisfaction.