“A day with Threefront means you’re ‘on’ all day, but go home with more energy. A nice balance between challenge and insight, with many examples from their own experience in the Special Forces. Whether you’re in a corporate or a startup works, the principles of role purity, trust and flexibility work for everyone. Green On™ !”

Ruben de Neef – Luscii


“After reading the book Green On™ we introduced a system of roles at Purpose. To learn how we can do that even better, we approached Threefront for a one-day training. On the day itself, Frenk and Richard came in . Two normal guys and certainly not the Rambos some of us expected. It started with a movie where they jumped out of a plane from 10km. It was part of an inspiring story of selection, team spirit and division of roles. In the afternoon we started working together on team exercises. We had to make a car to transport the wounded and dismantle a bomb. The exercises showed that we still have some room for improvement in cooperation. We also learned to evaluate much more strictly, without to play the man. For me as an entrepreneur it was a beautiful day that tastes like more. That’s why I’m thinking about hiring them again for some more challenge and adventure with the team. I can do it for everyone n recommend to hire Threefront. An experience that every team can benefit from!” Dick-Jan Abbringh, Founder Purpose.


“We have enjoyed working with Richard and Frenk from Threefront. The story of Richard & Frenk has captivated our participants in the Digital Event to the minute. They have shown that the world of Special Forces has a unique and valuable way of working that is very effective for the public sector and in (digital) projects and ambitions. In addition, they make it realistic. How do you take the first step!?”

Digital event CorporatieNL: People in Technology!

Erasmus MC

“During the away session of our Epidemiology department at Erasmus MC at the beginning of June, we invited very special guests; ThreeFront provided a great keynote and team building activities. What a special company, and how inspiring to learn from the knowledge and experiences of the special forces and the Luscii company. Frenk was able to give us a lot of new insights about management and team roles. Moreover, it was very pleasant.

Dr. Ir. Natalie Terzikhan.


“We ended the Summer School on a high with Frenk van Assen and Richard Bergmans from ThreeFront, authors of the book Green On™, who shared very insightful lessons learned on high performing teams in the Special Forces. We enjoyed drawing the parallels with agile ways of working in the corporate world. It was eye opening to see how many valuable insights can be gained when comparing ways of working and behavioral patterns in organizations with the ways of working in the Special Forces. Thank you for the inspiring afternoon!” Tessa van den Berg – Deloitte

"Together with the gentlemen of ThreeFront, we organized a training day for 200+ PwC colleagues. We look back on a very successful event in which various physical and mental aspects were part of the overall set-up. This is definitely going to be talked about for a long time amongst our colleagues! We experienced the contact with ThreeFront in the run-up to, during and after the event as clear, timely, personal and above all full of positive energy. Thank you very much for this! We can absolutely recommend working with ThreeFront."

"Richard and Frenk have made a great contribution to the EY Masterclass! A deep dive into the principles of the Special Forces and how these can be translated into a corporate setting was exactly what we were looking for for our program. Their vision of how you as a being able to optimize habits individually or as a team for a better end result"

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